2014-02-13 / Editorial

Village sidewalks can be dangerous

This winter’s bitterly cold weather has been hard on all of us. The constant barrage of the snow, sleet and ice has left our town’s sidewalks and streets a dangerous place to walk.

Of particular concern are the sidewalks in the village, especially those along Narragansett Avenue. While many businesses perform an outstanding job of keeping their sidewalks clear of snow and ice, others have virtually ignored their sidewalks.

There are several stretches of sidewalks that are so packed with the snow and ice that able-bodied people have difficulty walking. Image what it must be like for a senior citizen or someone who is handicapped. One misstep and you’ve fallen.

This criticism may seem moot after the expected rain this week. We can only hope that the snow and ice will melt and will no longer be a problem this winter. However, should the ice stick around or return to the sidewalks, then there are a few property owners and businesses that need to pay closer attention to their sidewalks.

Ice melt is readily available at Jamestown Hardware and it easy to spread across the sidewalk. Several applications of the stuff generally takes care of the problem.

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