2014-02-13 / Letters to the Editor

Councilors not taking preservation seriously

This Town Council does not seem to be serious about historic preservation. It defeated the proposed historic district for Lower Shoreby Hill based on a problem that has not occurred in the subdivision’s 118-year existence, namely that the public could be excluded from the neighborhood’s private roads.

The likelihood that Shoreby Hill would turn itself into a gated community is approximately nil. And if it were to occur, the council would have the remedy of revoking the historic designation at any time.

That a councilor could describe Shoreby Hill as “an ideal historic district,” and then vote to deny its creation on such specious grounds is puzzling. There are plenty of real issues surrounding historic districts, but public access to the neighborhood is not one of them.

The irony of the entire issue is that the iconic view of Shoreby Hill, namely that of the green and its surrounding houses, is best seen not from a private Shoreby Hill road, but from the very public Conanicus Avenue.

Jim Buttrick
Prudence Road

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