2014-02-27 / Editorial

Website targets climate change in our state

A Jamestowner recently told me that he was glad we have experienced a bitterly cold winter because it finally put all of the global warming “foolishness” to rest.

Unfortunately, that’s not the way it works. However, such reasoning is why the launch of the new website – RIClimateChange.org – is so important. The website is the joint efforts of scientists from the University of Rhode Island and several state agencies. The website is designed to educate us about the effect of climate change on Rhode Island and its residents. Called the R.I. Climate Change Collaborative, the group’s website also informs people what they can do about global warming.

According to the website, “Climate change and global warming are here. This double-barreled phenomenon has and will continue to have impacts on your everyday life – some good, some bad, some unpredictable. But climate change and global warming have indeed arrived.

“Whether you are among those most likely to be affected – a climate scientist, environmentalist, public health worker, developer, insurance adjuster, ark builder or just your average man or woman on the street – you will be affected. In fact, you are realizing the impacts at this moment, never mind those your children will experience. But the process can sneak up on you. It’s like gaining those first few ounces that turn into pounds. So let’s be clear: this is not a call for future generations to be on the alert and see how these activities play out. Climate change and global warming are with us right now, and it is time for people to start learning about them and taking action. Temperatures are getting higher, storms are getting more severe in every season, and it is not your parents’ environment anymore.”

The website is attractive, well designed and easy to navigate. It is loaded with important information about the ongoing climate change, including events such as lectures and additional articles for further reading.

Visit RIClimateChange.org and learn about why our cold, cold winter doesn’t mean that climate change is not happening.

— Jeff McDonough

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