2014-03-13 / Editorial

Advertise in the 2014 edition of the Jamestown Telephone Directory

It’s that time again.

The Jamestown Women’s Club and the Jamestown Press are preparing to publish the 2014 edition of the Jamestown Telephone Directory.

The annual phonebook is a popular publication that is well used by islanders throughout the year.

Now is the time to advertise in the directory. Proceeds from the phonebook are used by the women’s club to fund its good deeds, which range from the annual Easter egg hunt to college scholarships for island youths.

Call the Jamestown Press at 423-3200 to advertise.

The Jamestown Telephone Directory is a handy item. The telephone book is mailed directly to every postal patron on the island. Additional copies are available at local outlets, so many households have more than two phone books in the home.

In addition to advertisements, there is an index to the advertisers. Each advertiser also receives a starred, bold listing in the island telephone numbers.

The book includes emergency telephone numbers for islanders and the Jamestown Fire Department fire horn explanation – so you’ll know where the fire is located. There is also a handy island map, a statewide zip code directory and a listing of town and public services available.

To update or add your phone listing in the telephone book, visit JamestownPress.com, click on the banner on the top left and follow the instructions. Islanders may also have their cellphone numbers included in the phonebook.

The phonebook will be published in May, but all advertisements and telephone listing updates are due now.

If you have any questions about advertising or updating your listing in the 2014 edition of the Jamestown Telephone Directory, please call the Jamestown Press office at 423-3200.

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