2014-03-20 / Front Page

Paicos threatens to sue town

Former Town Administrator Kevin Paicos has demanded more severance pay and has threatened to sue, Council President Kristine Trocki told Jamestown Press reporter Margo Sullivan Tuesday.

The Town Council went into executive session Monday night to negotiate a severance package for Paicos, who was hired in October 2013 and resigned last month. On advice from Jamestown’s legal counsel, Trocki said the councilors are not commenting further on the matter, except to say they have given Paicos all he is owed.

In a statement, Trocki said all required separation pay was made to Paicos, but through his attorney, Paicos is demanding greater payments and has threatened litigation.

“We have been directed not to comment on this matter,” said Trocki.

Before coming to Jamestown, Paicos was town manager of Foxborough, Mass., where he left before fulfilling his contract. He was given a complete severance package totaling $211,230 in salary and benefits. He is currently collecting $2,852 a week from Foxborough taxpayers.

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