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This Week In Island History

Week of March 20
Compiled by Sue Maden

The news of 10 and 15 years ago is from the Jamestown Press. The news of 100 years ago came from the collection of the Newport Historical Society.

100 years ago

From the Newport Journal, March 20, 1914

The monthly meeting of the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union was held on Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs. N. S. Littlefield on Union Street. A program in honor of Neal Dow’s birthday, consisting of readings on his life by several members, was given.

75 years ago

From the Newport Daily News, March 21, 1939

The Jamestown Bridge will be completed and ready for operation in April 1940. It became known today. Four of the 32 cofferdams required are already down. About 70 men are at present employed by the contractors, with several hundred to be selected from state unemployment rolls to be put on the job later after the foundations are in place. The company has four lighters, two barges and two towboats on the job at present.

From the Newport Daily News, March 22, 1939

(At the PTA meeting, the chairman of the School Committee presented expenses for elementary and high school for five years.) From the above figures it will be seen that the cost of schools in Jamestown has been kept in the $25,000 bracket, and that it is the high-school costs, which are responsible for the budget increase this year. (In 1938-39 the high-school cost was $11,945.40, and in 1939-40 the amount budgeted was $14,250.)

50 years ago

From the Newport Daily News, March 17, 1964

The Jamestown Pension Study Committee last night received three bids for the municipal employees retirement system. The town currently pays $7,200 in pensions for six former town employees, subject each year to approval at the May financial town meeting. The present committee was formed some months ago to study a plan whereby all town employees would be eligible for a pension at the time of their retirement. From the Newport Daily News,

March 20, 1964

The Jamestown municipal pension committee, which includes the Town Council and School Superintendent Joseph P. Devine, chairman, met last night on pension plans for Jamestown municipal employees. Four plans costing from $5,894 to $8,731 annually for the next 25 years were considered.

A decline in Jamestown Bridge revenue, in comparison with the first half of March in 1963, was reported to the Jamestown Bridge Commission. Manager John B. Foley reported gross revenue of $6,839.40 between March 1 and March 12; $1,200.85 less than in the same period last year, or 14 percent. The traffic count in the period was 27,376 cars; 3,643 more than last year at the same time.

25 years ago From the Newport Daily News,

March 15, 1989

The General Assembly is seeking to direct the auditor general to investigate the delays in the building of the Jamestown Bridge. The cost of the investigation should not exceed $25,000.

15 years ago

From the Jamestown Press,

March 18, 1999

On March 28, the Bay Voyage will celebrate its 110th year of business, making it one of the oldest continuing businesses in the state.

The open space zoning amendment that attracted such a crowd to the hearing last November came off the drawing board last week to much less fanfare.

10 years ago

From the Jamestown Press,

March 18, 2004

At a state planning commission meeting March 11, state Department of Transportation Director Jim Capaldi asked the oversight committee to approve the budget for the demolition of the old Jamestown Bridge, despite the Transportation Advisory Committee’s request that the state reexamine the bridge for use as a bike path. Capaldi said the DOT estimated that it would cost approximately $55 million to convert the bridge into a viable bike path.

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