2014-03-20 / Letters to the Editor

Controlled cull is best way to combat Lyme

In response to last week’s letter to the editor (“Without deer, ticks may find new hosts”), I would suggest that any animals susceptible to deer ticks currently living in Jamestown are already hosting them. But one of the many reasons we need a cull, aside from vegetation devastation, is that deer carry thousands more ticks than any other animal, allowing the number of ticks to grow exponentially.

Also, deer cover a much larger territory than many hosts, dropping ticks everywhere. Add that to the fact there are far more deer than the island should be supporting, with no predators and nothing to keep their numbers from expanding even further. I would also suggest that many current tick hosts might not have ticks if the deer population was not incubating huge numbers of them.

I am absolutely in favor of a cull. With a controlled cull, there is no question of whether it worked, how long it will take to work, or how many are affected. The deer population will be reduced immediately.

Someone once told me the only way the town will stop talking about the problem and start doing something is that if everyone who has been diagnosed with Lyme disease gets together and files a class action suit. It’s food for thought. How many of these cases might not have occurred had something been done about the problem earlier?

The town has known about this problem for years, and while money keeps being spent on studies and meetings, no real action has been taken. Elected officials need to step up to the plate and make the call.

Sharon Streif
North Road

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