2014-04-03 / Letters to the Editor

Clear-cutting white pines was mistake

I was disappointed to see the clear-cut of the century-old 48 native white pine (pinus strobus) trees on North Road (“Town workers cut down 48 white pines along North Road reservoir,” March 13). These trees and their roots provided crucial wildlife habitat, and also protected our water supply and our health. Jamestown has some of the highest cancer rates in the nation. Trees are great filters for pollution. North Road is full of contaminants from our auto cars that now will drain into our sacred H2O. The decisions made about clear-cutting this forest were made by unqualified people, engineers and arborists not certified by the International Society of Arboriculture.

To clear-cut an ancient forest on a public water supply is an insult to our environment and our New England way of life. Reforestation is a must, but takes generations to become mature and act as a buffer to our sacred water supply. The white pine species can live for hundreds of years. There is one in Exeter that is 400 years old.

The earth environment is in peril from tree loss and ignorance of their importance to our world. This forest could have been cut back with dead limbs for safety. A plan could have been made of reforestation, along with slowly removing trees over generations in a cycle that would benefit this crucial native ecosystem that is now lost. It is official: Jamestown is a Treeless City USA.

Matthew “Twig” Largess
Davit Avenue

Editor’s note: The author is an ISA-licensed arborist who owns Largess Forestry Inc. in North Kingstown.

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