2014-04-17 / Editorial

We’ve delivered the island news for 25 years

The Jamestown Press is observing its 25 anniversary this month. That’s a quarter of a century. Or you could say two and a half decades. We are proud of the accomplishment.

Twenty-five years seems like a long, long time. Yet, sometimes it feels like it was only yesterday – 24 years ago to be exact – when I took over the reins of this weekly newspaper.

Like any small business, we’ve had our struggles. But we have persevered in our vision of serving as an independent voice and delivering a solid community newspaper of interest to our fellow islanders.

The Jamestown Press is published as the community’s best source for community news, reporting on local government and other news of the day that may be of concern to islanders. The paper also features stories of local interest, such as stories about your friends and neighbors, their accomplishments and milestones. We cover the local sports, athletes and weekend warriors alike, young and old.

The Press is also a sounding board of local opinion and commentary. The letters to the editor and viewpoints are popular with our readers as a place to express their views and a source of others opinions.

There is much to read in every issue of the Press.

The staff of the Press and I would like to thank our advertisers and readers for making it all possible.

We’d like to think that we’ll be around for another 25 years, bringing you all the news of local interest every week.

— Jeff McDonough

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