2014-04-24 / News

Librarian’s Corner

By donna fogarty

The Jamestown Philomenian Library now has a link on its website to the digital format of the Jamestown Press from 1989 until 2004. Every year the Jamestown Press has generously donated a yearly microfilm of the newspaper that can be seen on the large microfilm reader we are all familiar with. The library also maintains a hard copy of the Jamestown Press funded by the Friends of the Library. These tools are essential for visitors and history devotees of the area for several reasons, including genealogy, sailing, architecture and governance.

The addition of the digital format will be an asset to those searching from elsewhere, those on vacation, for those who have moved away, and for the curious. The website of the Jamestown Press itself begins with the archives of 2005.

The transition from film to digital format was made possible by revenue from the library’s book sales. The fundraisers are a great success. The success is due to your generous donations of gently used books with current titles and topics. The library just held its annual spring sale and will again have a summer sale in July. Our Christmas sale is another great event that celebrates the gift of reading and green gift giving.

The library’s book sales wouldn’t be so successful without the donations and the library’s wonderful volunteers. A team of four to six community members volunteer weekly to sort all of the books by subject. I’d like to thank Dee Hellewell as the ringleader of the group, former librarian Judith Bell, Diana Luth, Diane Stover and Marcia Wirth. The friendly sales staff is represented by the Friends and their families. The Boy Scout Troop that carries the books up from the basement is a great help as well.

April is National Volunteer Month and the library has an integral group of volunteers who manage some of the daily needs for library services. They include Ginny Saunders, Alcina Blair, Holly Turton, Jack Shah, Justin Desjardins and Elizabeth Purdum.

We would also like to thank volunteer Nancy Logan for her many years of service as a trustee and indexer of the Jamestown Press.

In addition, we would like to recognize and express our appreciation to the members of the Jamestown Garden Club for its amazing weekly floral arrangements left on the circulation desk to remind us all of the beauty that surrounds us.

The public library is often a reflection of the community it serves, and the Jamestown Philomenian Library is a beautiful reflection of us all.

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