2014-06-05 / Letters to the Editor

Remembering a friend

After reading the sad but beautiful obit for Jean Carton (May 22), I wanted to add an observation about this kind and generous woman.

I was a young man living on Jamestown in the summer of 1976. Having lived here in the summer my entire life, I was fortunate to know the Carton family. They treated me and every other friend of their daughters and son as family. Mrs. Carton would always extend invitations to dinner at their beautiful home to anyone who seemed in need. I guess I seemed in need a lot that summer, because I had long hair and a beard, and my parents were not to happy about it.

My main source of transportation at the time was an old Triumph motorcycle, and my father was beside himself at my roaring around Jamestown. Oh well. Mrs. Carton, though probably just as irritated with me, took a different approach. She had an old rusty station wagon parked in her driveway and used it as a spare car in the summer.

One day after my work, I saw her swimming at the Dumplings dock as I often would, and as she gave me this concerned parental look at my motorcycle. She sweetly told me about her station wagon. It was old and ugly, and an eyesore. She asked if I would like to have it. Wow – I gladly accepted.

I came over to her house, got it started, and proceeded to drive it all summer and the summer after. She may well have saved my life from a motorcycle accident. Who knows. What I do know is that this was just the kind of person she was. Always concerned about others and a terrific role model not only to her fine children, but to any young person who came in contact with her.

I will very much miss not seeing her on that Dumplings dock. Thank you, Mrs. Carton, for being so nice to a rebellious young man. It made a difference.

David H. Laurie
Dumpling Drive

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