2014-06-12 / Letters to the Editor

Kudos to volunteers

Thank you to more than 65 volunteers who helped the Jamestown Conservation Commission plant dune grass at Mackerel Cove on Saturday. Congratulations to all the volunteers for planting 4,200 plugs in less than an hour.

Special thanks to the kindergarten and first-grade Daisy troops for such a strong turnout. Former Conservation

Commission Chairman Chris Powell generously shared his time and experience in planting methodology; Town Engineer Michael Gray, Recreation Director Bill Piva and their teams did great work preparing the beach and supplying staff support and equipment; and Fire Chief Jim Bryer and his team took care of watering the new plantings.

Thanks also to Town Administrator Andy Nota and Town Council President Kristine Trocki for joining in the planting.

We are grateful for all the help in creating a more enjoyable and resilient beach at Mackerel Cove.

Maureen Coleman


Conservation Commission

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