2014-06-12 / Letters to the Editor

Thanks for celebration

My phone rang on Monday last week and the caller was Margo Sullivan, reporter with the Jamestown Press, calling to interview me regarding my recent retirement and experiences as the executive director of the Jamestown Senior Center.

I protested, saying that I just wanted to retire quietly after 22 years. She wouldn’t have it, and interviewed I was. The article included an invitation to anyone and everyone who wanted to come to a reception for me on Saturday. My reaction to that was: who would want to do that, on a beautiful, warm sunny weekend day?

As it turned out, more people that I ever would have imagined did come, and the hall was filled with old friends, meal-site regulars, folks who have held events in the halls through the years, and family members. I am most grateful to each and every one who shared this wonderful day. Consequently, I am writing with many thanks to everyone.

Thanks to Sen. Teresa Paiva Weed and Rep. Deb Ruggiero for the beautiful citations that I’ll treasure forever; to senior center board President Ed Holland, Vice President Eleanor Chase, and all of our loyal and hardworking board members; our loyal and hardworking staff members, Ernest Anthony, Jan Burns and Clifford Guy; cherished family members; senior center regular attendees; people I have worked with in the past; friends of long years; and all who chose to come and join us, and to the Jamestown Press. I am honored and most grateful to each and every one of you.

Charlotte S. Richardson

Hamilton Avenue


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