2014-11-06 / Letters to the Editor

Road needs fog lines

I am in agreement with recent letters posted by Carol Crafts (Letters, “North Road needs lines,” Oct. 26) and Dennis Owens (Letters, “North Road is unsafe,” Oct. 23) about the poor conditions of North Road and the need for center and fog lines.

My wife and I have recently moved to the north end, and while we navigate North Road around potholes and patches during the day, driving at night is dangerous. There are no lines, no shoulder between the highway and north end, and more than occasional deer crossing the road. Fog and centerlines would go a long way to ensure that we get safely home at night without swerving off into the wetlands or veering into oncoming traffic lanes.

Smooth pavement is desirable. But painting fog and centerlines to ensure the safety to those traveling North Road at night is a necessity.

Bob Bryer

Prospect Street


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