2014-11-06 / Letters to the Editor

Thanks for donations

On Saturday, Scouts from Troop 1 participated in Scouting for Food, a nationwide project to collect food for people in our local communities who may need a little extra help providing nourishment for themselves and families. The troop collected a total of 688 pounds from the residents of Jamestown. The troop also received a wonderful note from an anonymous donor who highlighted how important food pantries are to their local communities, and thanked the troop for its collection effort.

The scouts would like to thank St. Mark food pantry coordinator Kathy Brownell, Troop 1’s Mr. Godena and St. Mark Church for hosting the food pantry.

Most especially, the troop would like to thank the residents of Jamestown for their contribution to the food drive, and encourage your continued support of our local food pantry throughout the year.

William Denman

Star Scout

Troop 1 Jamestown

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