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Water main installed on private road

By Margo Sullivan

The Planning Commission met briefly on Dec. 17 to dispatch one agenda item: a partial construction bond release requested on behalf of the Norman H. Reamer 2002 Trust. The bond is connected to work on a new water main on Hull Cove Farm Road.

According to a Dec. 11 letter from attorney Quentin Anthony, Reamer originally deposited $100,000 in an escrow account with the town to ensure construction. The work included replacing the old water main with a new 6-inch pipe.

Because road grading is all that remains to be done, Anthony asked the board to release $70,000 of the construction bond. The remaining $30,000 in escrow should be sufficient to indemnify the town for the roadwork not yet completed. Adhering to best engineering practices, most of the grading work should not be done until the spring, Anthony said.

The new water line extends municipal water service to Lot 218 on Plat 12, which is Reamer’s property at the end of the private street off Beavertail Road. The lot was created from Lot 29 in a minor subdivision. Because the property is located in the rural district, however, Reamer had to ask the councilors

(sitting as water and sewer commissioners) for approval to connect to municipal water.

Town Engineer Michael Gray recommended the water extension be granted but with several conditions, starting with an agreement to replace the existing water main with a new 6-inch line. Under the agreement, Reamer also would give the ownership of the new water main to the town. Anthony would arrange for the town to receive a utility easement over Hull Cove Farm Road for the purpose of maintaining and repairing the water line. Reamer also agreed to pay to connect the road’s other residents to the new main; to upgrade the fire hydrants; to build a cul-desac or turnaround at the end of the road; and to improve the road.

All the conditions were listed in the July 24 preliminary approval.

Engineer Nicholas J. Piampiano provided a final project certification, stating that the water main has now been completed in compliance with the town’s specifications. In his letter, Anthony also reported that the water main has been installed.

“It is my further understanding that the water main has been installed in its entirety,” Anthony wrote. “It has been pressure tested. It has also been chlorinated and the results should be available any day. Once satisfactory results of the chlorination tests are in hand, the contractor will then connect the individual households to the main.”

He said the household connections could be completed by Dec. 23, weather permitting.

According to Anthony, both the town engineer, Gray, and Reamer’s engineer, Michael Darveau, had discussed the project and agreed $30,000 would stay in escrow. They also agreed, along with the road’s residents, that the “final grading of the road should be suspended until the spring” due to the impact of weather on recently excavated areas.

“By spring, it was thought the excavated areas would have stabilized and the road would be in order for final grading,” Anthony wrote.

The technical review committee reviewed Anthony’s request and assessed the project status on Dec. 15, according to a letter from Planning Commission Chairman Michael Swistak. Commissioner Bernie Pfeiffer represented the commissioners on the review board, which recommended releasing the $70,000. The review board also determined that Reamer had met the conditions of the preliminary approval, Swistak said.

Reamer has transferred ownership of the water main to the town by a bill of sale dated Dec. 4. The utility easement has also been provided, the letter said.

Anthony advised the councilors in a Dec. 17 letter that the utility easement was valid. Specifically, all the parties have signed off to allow the town the right to pass and repass over Hull Cove Farm Road to maintain the water line.

Signing the easement were Hull Cove Farm Road LLC, Helen A. Page Family Limited Partnership, Anne and Creighton Condon, William Smith III and Rosita V. Smith, all of Jamestown; Joshua Smith of Corvallis, Ore.; Caelah and Eli Griffis of New York City; and Jonathan Goodman and Robin Henry of Armonk, N.Y.

The easement does not give access to the general public, however, and does not obligate the town to plow Hull Cove Farm Road or maintain the road.

The commissioners voted unanimously in favor of the partial bond release, Swistak informed Reamer. The panel also authorized Finance Director Tina Collins to release the $70,000 in escrow.

According to Town Planner Lisa Bryer, the commissioners approved the request because the remaining $30,000 is sufficient assurance while work is completed.

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