2015-03-19 / Editorial

Town asks readers to complete survey in paper

Inside the mailed editions of this week’s Jamestown Press you will find a survey put together by the town’s Affordable Housing Committee and the planning department. This is an important document, – one that every resident should read and complete. Here’s why:

The survey has been designed to help the town “better understand the need and perception of Jamestowners regarding affordable housing.” This will go a long way to help the town create affordable housing that is appropriate to the specific needs and character of our community.

Jamestown has some of the most expensive homes in the state. Yet, did you know that 40 percent of our island residents qualify for the town’s affordable housing program based upon their income? That’s a surprising number.

Another shocking number? About 10 percent of Jamestown residents are living below the federal poverty level.

State law requires that each community has at least 10 percent of its housing as permanent affordable housing. Jamestown doesn’t yet meet that goal with only 4.39 percent available, but is gradually working toward it.

In hard numbers, Jamestown has 111 homes that meet the affordable housing guidelines. That means at least another 125 housing units are required to match the 10 percent level.

The town’s recent community survey supports the long-term affordability of Jamestown’s housing stock. Three quarters of island residents believe Jamestown should be a diverse community with a wide mixture of residents.

There will be additional copies of the survey available at Town Hall. Please complete the survey and return it to the town by April 13. It will only take a few minutes of your time and the results will be a great asset to the town.

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