2015-04-16 / Letters to the Editor

Turbines are majestic

Thanks for covering the March 25 talk by professor Jeremy Collie about the wind turbines to be constructed off Block Island this year (“Marine scientist considers merits of offshore wind farm,” April 9).

The article contains a couple of negative comments about how the turbines may look. It’s not clear whether these came from your reporter, from the professor, or from some other third party.

Let’s be clear: beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So is ugliness. Just because some people may consider a wind turbine to be ugly, doesn‘t mean that everyone does. I have had people tell me that the large, slow turning wind turbines are majestic. One person told me that he feels they are psychologically soothing.

Personally, I would refer to the tangle of utility posts and wires that crisscross our island as a “blighted view.” I would say that the modern wind turbines, with their tapered pole towers and their clean airfoil blades, are strikingly handsome. I wouldn’t be surprised if rather than decreasing, tourism increases on Block Island when the new wind farm is in place.

At any rate, the real concentration of wind energy is further offshore and completely out of sight. If we were to claim energy rights out to 200 miles, as we have fishing rights, we could make New England a net energy exporter.

William W. Smith II

Hull Cove Farm Road


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