2015-10-15 / Island History

This Week In Island History

Compiled by Sue Maden

Week of October 15

The news of 10 and 15 years ago is from the Jamestown Press. The news of 100 years ago came from the collection of the Newport Historical Society.

100 years ago From the Newport Journal, Oct. 15, 1915 It is stated, by an authority on real estate in Jamestown, that the supply of tenements there available for machinists at the torpedo station is exhausted and there must be more constructed if the population is to increase in this direction. It is estimated the increase already has been from 150 to 200 from this source, and some of the new arrivals are contenting themselves with what have heretofore been simply summer camps. 75 years ago From the Newport Daily News, Oct. 14, 1940 Earle C. Roberts of the school faculty with 50 boys from Jamestown attended the football game at Rhodes State College Saturday. From the Newport Daily News, Oct. 16, 1940 The 23rd year of the Parent Teachers Association in Jamestown was opened Tuesday evening at the Thomas H. Clarke School. 50 years ago From the Newport Daily News, Oct. 13, 1965 The Jamestown hunters and shooters met last night at the Jamestown Elementary School. Plans were made to hold an open shoot at the new range at Fort Wetherill.

From the Newport Daily News, Oct. 14, 1965 Rowdyism by Jamestown students traveling the ferry to Newport drew sharp criticism at a meeting of the Jamestown School Committee last night. Members indicated they favored canceling tuition for students who continue to be disorderly. 25 years ago From the Jamestown Press, Oct. 12, 1990 The Town Council Monday night voted to spend $3,500 to address the safety needs of the ball fields at the Jamestown school. Improvements to the 7.3 acres of existing playing fields would include the construction of batting cages and higher fences along baselines to protect children from foul balls. The heaviest concrete unit ever lifted over water in the United States will be attempted next week when construction workers place the first pre-cast span segment on the Jamestown-Verrazzano Bridge. 15 years ago From the Jamestown Press, Oct. 12, 2000 The Victorian house at 78 Narragansett Ave. is no longer being considered by the U.S. Postal Service as a possible location for a new Jamestown post office. 10 years ago From the Jamestown Press, Oct. 13, 2005 The Town Council Tuesday agreed to directly challenge the use of Narragansett Bay by liquefied natural gas tankers after members conducted a short executive session on an amicus brief prepared by Town Solicitor Lauriston Parks. The community playground celebrated its 15th birthday this year, but not without its share of proverbial gray hairs and wrinkles. An effort is underway to refurbish the aging structures based on the recommendations of a recent annual inspection done by the company that makes the playground equipment.

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