2016-05-26 / Legals

Notice of Preliminary Public Hearing

A Preliminary Public Hearing will be held for the application Jamestown Terrace, 138 Narragansett Avenue,
Assessors Plat 8 Lot 79, owned by the Holy Ghost Society, Applicant Douglas Enterprises, LTD. The
application consists of a Comprehensive Permit for low and moderate income housing, a Major Land
Development Project for 16 Units (4 are low and moderate income restricted units), 2 buildings, Special
Use Permit for Multi-Family Development Proposal with Variances. The hearing will be held on June 15,
2016 at a meeting of the Jamestown Planning Commission sitting as the Local Review Board pursuant to
RIGL 45-53 Low and Moderate Income Housing Act, beginning at 7:30 p.m. in the Town Hall Council
Chambers located at 93 Narragansett Avenue in Jamestown.

The Local Review Board will review and act on the proposed Preliminary Plan for the Major Land
Development Project as well as the requested variances through the Comprehensive Permit process.
The Local Review Board shall have the authority to issue the comprehensive permit for subdivision per
Jamestown Zoning Ordinance Article 17 and RIGL Title 45 Ch. 53 as amended, including the necessary
relief from the Zoning Ordinance as stated below.

This project consists of development of 2 multi-family structures with a total of 16 units, 4 of which are
affordable, requesting variances to the Zoning Ordinance as follows including any and all other necessary
relief as determined:

1. Deviation from (formerly Dimensional (variance)) from Article 3, Section 82-302, Table 3-2,
minimum lot size for multifamily project within the R-20 zone of the Village Special Development
Relief requested = 376,199 square feet.
Minimum required = 200,000
Additional required = 31 (bedrooms) X
7,000 square feet = 217,000 square feet
Total required = 417,000 s.f. – 40,801 s.f. (provided) = 376,199 s.f.

2. Deviation from front yard setbacks pursuant to Table 3-2:
Relief requested = 8.5 feet along both Pemberton and Narragansett Avenue.
Setback required = 30 feet
Setback provided = 21.5 feet
Setback relief = 8.5 feet

3. Special use permits for multifamily dwellings in R-20 zone; Table 3-1 permitted uses.

4. Variance for open space requirement: Article 10 Section 82-1006.5
Relief requested: 20,682
Open space required: 40,192
Open space provided: 19,510
Open space requested: 20,682

The project is accessed by its frontage on Narragansett Avenue with emergency egress onto Pemberton
Avenue, both public roads, located 550 feet (less than 1/10th mile) west of the intersection with Narragansett
Avenue/Southwest Avenue.

Interested parties may examine the plans for the proposed Comprehensive Permit Application including the
proposed Land Development Project and requested Zoning Ordinance Variances at the Jamestown Planning
Office, located at the Town Hall, 93 Narragansett Avenue Monday through Friday, between the hours of 9am
to 4:00pm by appointment, 423-7210.

The proposed Comprehensive permit/Major Land Development Project may be revised by the Local Review
Board as a result of further study or because of the views expressed at the Public Informational Meeting.

This meeting location is accessible to the physically challenged. Hearing or speech impaired individuals
requiring services of an interpreter should call 1-800-745-5555 not less than 3 business days prior to meeting.

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