2017-02-16 / Letters to the Editor

Council should focus on seniors not parking lots

To the editor:

I am writing in response to the Feb. 9 article in The Jamestown Press, “Town council OKs redesign of East Ferry.”

I agree with Donald Richardson indicating the change is unnecessary. There is nothing wrong with the parking lot the way it is. Where or when has there been an indicated need for an improvement plan for the redesign of the East Ferry parking lot? Furthermore there is no comprehensive plan or a cost estimate for this project.

The town council’s priorities to redesign the East Ferry parking lot are woefully misplaced. I believe, the priorities of our council should be directed to the people of our town not a parking lot. In particular, the town’s priorities should focus on the over 55 seniors, who are the largest population of our town, and those families who can not afford to remain on the island in which they were raised.

Based on the recent senior survey and the recreation survey results, the town has still not developed nor implemented a plan for the senior population in our town. There has been some progress made for the senior population but the needs are greater than the services provided. The council needs to consider providing a permanent town-owned home for a senior center. There needs to be more funding for for senior programs and activities with a fulltime director, who can devote more time to the seniors. There also is a need for more affordable housing for seniors. Currently, there is a two-year waiting time for seniors to get into Pemberton or Jamestown Village.

“Sustainable Jamestown” planning for the future, is an important concept. But I believe planning for the present, with the people of our town in mind, should be of paramount importance.

Brenda (Novasad) Ratcliff
Ship Street

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