2017-03-02 / Letters to the Editor

Outside-the-box ideas for revising East Ferry

To the editor:

Those of us who sip our coffee at the corner deli have noticed the demolition of the perfectly fine non-rotted tree in front it and the proposal to reconstruct the parking area along the waterfront.

Rather than spend the town’s money on an unneeded project, we propose the town look to find a corporate sponsor to rebuild the area and use the money saved to pave Jamestown’s bumpy roads.

Such a sponsor might be Budweiser or Citgo (already at Fenway). A large sign right at the water’s edge would attract boaters from all over the bay to the waterfront area and, if solar powered, would save on parking lot lighting costs.

Because sea levels are rising, the seawalls along the waterfront also should be raised. Seawater levels may rise as much as 7 feet by the end of this century, thus we suggest the seawall be raised to 8 feet along the entire waterfront. Not only would this protect the existing grass, but also would protect the entire Shoreby Hill and downtown district, thus ensuring an affluent audience for the sponsor.

The project also should have a permanent Christmas tree. To help prevent it from growing too high and being chopped down, it should be an artificial tree with colored LED lights. The sign and tree decorations can be powered by solar cells on top of the new seawall. With such an arrangement, the town will end up with a totally reconstructed waterfront parking area with no initial or ongoing costs.

Roger Marshall
Fort Wetherill Road

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