2017-03-02 / News

Reservoir reinvigorated, should be full for summer

The town expects a full reservoir by June after nearly 21 million gallons of water was pumped from South Pond to North Main Road during the winter.

According to Town Engineer Mike Gray, there are about 45 million gallons of water in the reservoir, which is three-quarters of the approximately 60-million-gallon capacity. The water level is roughly 18 inches below the spillway, but Gray expects melting snow and springtime rain to close that gap.

“We want to be spilling over by Memorial Day so we go into the summer months with a full reservoir,” Gray said. “We have plenty of time to do that.”

Starting in November, the water department began pumping 300,000 gallons daily. That system was shut down about a month ago. A state wetlands permit allows the town to pump from South Pound when the water is spilling over the sides. That reservoir contains about 6 million gallons.

“Not knowing what the winter and spring would bring us, we took advantage of that,” Gray said. “If you recall last year, there was somewhat of a dry spell.”

In related news, Gray said Green Mountain Services will begin slip-lining pipes on five streets at the end of this month. Those streets will be Knowles Court, Coronado Street, Grinnell Street, Pemberton Avenue and Lawn Avenue. A section of piping in Shoreby Hill between Longfellow and Whittier also will be slip-lined. Gray expects minimal disruption during the work.

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