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The town councilors were presented with a resolution condemning the war on Iraq, The Jamestown Press reported March 13, 2003.

The 90-minute debate unfolded with nearly 120 residents in the audience. Ed McGuirl, a member of the advocacy group endorsing the resolution, said the town is uniquely vulnerable because of its proximity to a prominent naval base and its reliance on bridges.

While many supported the resolution, there was a contingency that said the town had no business delving into U.S. foreign policy. “With all this struggle over a highway garage, that’s a lot of chutzpah over the U.N. and Iraq,” Arthur Milot said. “My advice is to use our energy for Jamestown.”

100 years ago — March 11, 1917 (Newport Journal)

Several hundred residents attended a flag-raising ceremony at Town Hall just five weeks after America’s entry into the war.

A drum and bugle corps from Fort Greble landed by ferry and marched up Narragansett Avenue for the ceremony. During his closing remarks, the Rev. Mark Mohler said everyone should respect the flag and show moral support to the deployed men. It was perhaps the largest outdoor patriotic gathering ever on the island.

75 years ago — March 13, 1942 (Newport Mercury)

Milk producers told the town they could not continue production unless prices are increased. The dairymen currently receive 7 cents a pint and 13 cents a quart for their product, which is lower than any other community in Rhode Island.

50 years ago — March 9, 1967 (Newport Daily News)

A 19-year-old sailor was arrested following a high-speed chase that began in Jamestown and ended in a ditch on Boston Neck Road.

Richard W. Spaulding, of the destroyer USS Wilkinson, was clocked traveling 90 mph through the tollbooth on the Jamestown Bridge. Police first spotted Spaulding speeding north on East Shore Road and chased him across the span.

State police were prepared to set up roadblocks, but Spaulding lost control of his vehicle and crashed before any were installed.

25 years ago — March 12, 1992 (The Jamestown Press)

Despite cool, damp weather, about one-fifth of the registered voters in town cast their ballots in the presidential primary.

Super Tuesday attracted 727 of the 3,345 qualified electors. On the Republican ticket, incumbent George H.W. Bush received 149 of the 224 votes cast. GOP challenger Pat Buchanan was second with 53 votes.

On the Democratic slate, 503 votes were cast among 16 candidates. The big winner was Massachusetts politician Paul Tsongas with 258 votes, followed by former California Gov. Jerry Brown with 97 votes. Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton, the front-runner nationally, finished third with 48 votes.

10 years ago — March 15, 2007 (The Jamestown Press)

Police have recovered 63 of the 91 bottles of liquor stolen from the Bay Voyage Inn. The heist was valued at about $2,500.

The booze was located after police investigated two North Kingstown men who worked at the hotel. The liquor was being marketed to teenagers who wanted to host underage parties, police said.

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