2017-03-09 / Letters to the Editor

Residents may be better off if they were tourists

To the editor: Last Thursday, I had a brief glimmer of satisfaction when I read your headline “Planners are paving...” Then, I adjusted my glasses and saw my hopes for North Main Road were, once again, dashed.

I am thinking that, to enjoy all of the amenities available on or promised for the island — new revised park at East Ferry, the bicycle path, Fort Getty and its pavilion, etc., I shall have to move elsewhere and be feted as a tourist.

Certainly, being a taxpayer has gotten me little more than a single yellow stripe on North Main Road and a thorough-going mess from West Reach to Route 138.

Instead of the frills, whistles and bells that are intended to entice the visitors, let’s take care of the residents. That does not seem to be a concept too difficult to grasp.

Richard Murphy
North Main Road

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