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Senior Services and Programs Spring Schedule


Meet your friends and relax over a lovely 3-course
meal from 11:30 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. weekdays at the
senior center’s West Street Café. Offered each weekday,
you enjoy a nutritious, three-course meal or lighter
options such as salads and sandwiches. Suggested
donation of $3. Reservations are required 48 hours in
advance by calling 423-2658. Watch for other special
event listings and weekly menus in The Jamestown

Take advantage of our new Transportation Service on
Thursdays! Catch a ride from home to go to the Senior
Center with a return trip after lunch. Please call Ellen
Vietri to reserve a spot at least 48 hours in advance by
calling 423-2658.

Special event Luncheons (Reservations required)
n St. Patrick’s Day Celebration – Thursday, March 16th
at 11:30am. Served in the upstairs hall. Live music
from Patchy Caubeens (Tom Perotti, Tom McGuire and
Jack Wright)
n St. Joseph’s Day Celebration – Tuesday, March 21st
at 11:30 am
n Thursday Hall Luncheons April 6 – May 26 – Enjoy our caterer’s most winning meals served to your
table. We are offering this pilot in conjunction with
transportation to and from the senior center to take
advantage of our lovely light-filled space. So come and
have a hearty meal with some friends for laughter and
conversation. Meals on Wheels also available onsite.
Give us a try! You won’t be disappointed.


Tai Chi for Arthritis
Who: All Adults
Where: Senior Center, 2nd floor
When: Mondays (except holidays) session starts April
3rd-May 22nd
Cost: No cost to participants
Give yourself a gift and start the week off gently. This
program is based on a medically-proven form of gentle
movement designed by arthritis specialists to relieve
pain, help prevent falls and improve overall health and

Rusty Pens Writing Workshop
Who: Seniors
Where: Senior Center, 2nd floor
When: Mondays 10:30 – 11:30am , starting April 3rd-
May 22nd
Cost: No cost to participants
Facilitator: Gayen Thompson
Activate the writer and your memories of life’s experience. This creative writing workshop is designed to
elicit reflections on your own stories, memories or new
ideas. Beginners are welcome as well as those who
simply wish to write for fun.

Duck Pin Bowling
Who: Seniors
Where: Wickford Lanes
When: Fridays starting April 7-May 26th from 9:30-
11:30am (shuttle leaves senior center at 9am)
Cost: $20 for 4-week package or $40 for eight-week
Bowling is a sport of individual accomplishment and
competitiveness. It used to hold the title of “the sport
of everyone” and the reason was everyone can play
at their level and enjoy themselves. Even if you have
been out of the sport for some time, you may consider
getting together with some friends and head over to
Wickford Lanes, ‘RI’s home of duck pin’ to enjoy a good
reintroduction to the game. Includes transportation,
three games, shoes and even a complimentary cup of

Aqua Therapeutics
Who: Seniors
Where: Absolute Fitness in East Greenwich
When: Tuesdays 10:30 – 11:15 am , shuttle

leaves Senior Center at 9:30am and returns
at 12:00pm starting on April 4th-May 23rd
Cost: Fee for Seniors: $20 for 4-week package, or
$40 for 8-week package. Fee for Younger Adults:
$32 for 4-week package, or $64 for 8-week package
Glide into the comfort of a heated to 86 degree salt water pool for this gentle aerobics program. The benefits
of this class include decreasing swelling, improving circulation, increasing flexibility, and strengthening and
toning muscles -- without putting added stress on your
joints from your body weight. Class fee includes use of
a steam room, a Jacuzzi and transportation. Bring lock
if desired for locker.

Tuesday Afternoon Matinee
Who: All Adults
Where: Jamestown Library, large meeting room
When: Tuesdays 1:30 – 3:30pm, starts April 4th – May
Cost: No cost to participants
Now’s the time to get out and enjoy the Oscar winners
and those independent gems specially chosen for our
regular audience members. The films are shown on the
latest audio visual technology on wide. Refreshments
are provided courtesy of the library.

Heartwise Walking
Who: All Adults
Where: Recreation Center Gym in inclement weather,
and meet at the senior center on nice days
When: Wednesdays and Fridays from 9:00 – 10:00am,
starts April 5th-May 26th
Cost: No cost to participants
There’s nothing’s better than starting the day off with a
brisk walk and conversation. For the winter, we walk in
the gym at the Community Center to varied intervals of
speed music to help keep to a quick pace and warmup
and warm down safely.

Open Studio for Portrait Artists
Who: All Adults
Where: Senior Center, 2nd floor
When: Wednesdays 10am, starts April 5th – May 24th
Cost: No cost to participants
Facilitator: Tom Martino
Practice your portrait skills with live models. This is an
uninstructed open studio for experienced artists looking to practice skills on various mediums. (Bring your
own materials.) Older adult models sign-up and see
what magic artist Tom Martino can do with an acrylic
portrait on canvas for you to keep!

Yoga Tools for Wellness™
Who: All Adults
Where: Central Baptist Church, Clarke Hall
When: Wednesdays from 1:00 – 2:00pm, starts April
5th – May 24th
Cost: Fee for Seniors: $12 for 4-week package, or $24
for 8-week package
Fee for Younger Adults: $32 for 4-week package, or $64
for 8-week package
Instructor: Certified Yoga Therapist and Instructor,
Janet Larson
Our unique spring workshops will include a yoga
practice along with beneficial life-style suggestions to
reduce the effects of Osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is responsible for more than 1.5 million fractures annually
and is one of the most widespread chronic conditions.
It affects 44 million Americans, almost half of everyone over the age of 50 and approximately 50% of all
women. Yoga has been shown to support both skeletal
strength and alignment and emotional well-being.
Yoga poses create resistance and stretch the bones
from many angles that may stimulate the formation of
healthy bone structure. Yoga mats provided.

Get Together for Mah Jongg
Who: All Adults
Where: Senior Center, 2nd floor
When: Fridays 10:30-Noon, starts April 7th – May 26th
Cost: No cost to participants
Do you enjoy strategic games to keep the brain buzzing? We have formed a Mahjong group on the island
that meets weekly. The game originated in China and
is played with domino like tiles. Game sets and new
2017 cards will be available in April.

Chronic Disease Self-Management Workshop
Who: All Adults
Where: Senior Center, 2nd floor
When: Thursdays, from 1-3:30pm, starts March 30th –
May 4th, pre-registration required (6 weeks)
Cost: No cost to participants
Instructor: Maureen Rozes, MS, RD Patient Education
Coordinator, RI Geriatric Education Center

Are you living with heart disease, lung issues, severe
arthritis, or another chronic condition? This a way
to bring more wellness into your life. We are making available an evidence-based course developed
by researchers at Stanford University that provides
information and motivation to set and meet short-term
and long-term goals to help improve your quality of life
— even as you age with a chronic illness. This is a nonclinical program taught by health educators trained by
RI Geriatric Education Center. It is designed to better
teach ways to self-manage your health in a supportive
environment. A workbook and a $25 gift card incentive
is offered for completing the course. Stop in to join our
lunch and learn info session at the senior center on
March 23rd from 11:30am – 12:30pm to learn more.

Below the Belt Basics (Two-part Workshop)
Who: All Adults
Where: Senior Center, 2nd floor
When: Thursdays on April 6th and 13th, from 9-10am
(pre-registration required)
Cost: No cost to participants
Instructor: Jolene Faught, Certified Physical Therapist
and Pelvic Health Specialist
Experience bladder control issues when coughing,
sneezing or laughing? This is a very common health
condition for older men and women. In fact, anxiety
and stress impact our overall gastrointestinal health.
This two-part series of workshops take a proactive,
mindful approach to awareness of hip, back and core
muscle posture for maintaining balance, stability and
overall muscle strength in the stomach and pelvis.

Balance and
Who: All Adults
Where: Jamestown Fitness
Club, 1st floor
When: Wednesdays at 11am
– 11:45am –
Instructor: Sam
Pease, Certified
Fitness Instructor Thursdays
at 2:45pm –
3:30pm - Instructor: Bill
House, Certified
Fitness Instructor *Eight week session for Wednesdays starts April
5- May 24th
session for
Thursdays starts
April 6 through
May 25
Cost: Fee for
Seniors: $12 for
4-week package,

or $24 for 8-week package
Fee for Younger Adults: $32 for 4-week package, or $64
for 8-week package
This newly designed class offers basic strength building, balance and coordination and flexibility training
designed to improve posture. All fitness levels are
welcome as each student will receive an assessment
and exercises accordingly. You will get conditioning to
strengthen the major muscle groups needed for performing daily activities and those muscles that only get
the workout specific times of the year (eg. gardening!).

Wellness Clinics
Who: Seniors
Where: Senior Center, 1st floor for April 4 and May 2
with Rhonda Bernaro, RN 10-11:30 AM
Jamestown Housing Authority for April 25th and May
23rd from 10-11:30 AM from
When: April 4th & May 2nd at Senior Center from
10-11:30 AM and April 25th & May 23rd at Housing
Authority from 10-11:30 AM
Cost: Blood pressure and consults no charge, blood
glucose screening $1, cholesterol screening $5
Take advantage of these monthly health screening
and one-on-one consultations. It’s an opportunity to
ask a nurse about your health status, medications, etc.
Screenings available include blood pressure, blood
glucose screening (cost $1) and/or cholesterol screening ($5).

Senior Services and Programs Spring Schedule

Pet Massage Therapy Workshop
Who: Seniors
Where: Senior Center
When: 10am – Noon on Saturday, May 6th
Cost: $30
Instructor: Certified Pet Massage Therapist, Amber
Lockspeiser, CAMT
Relax and relieve pain for your dog. This two-hour
training class includes hands-on training with your
dogs (50-lbs or under) to improve the human/ animal
bond and support your pet’s improving overall wellness. Well-socialized dogs only with proof of up-to-date vaccinations required upon registration. Class size
limited to 8.

The Sewing Circle
Who: Teens and All Adults (Beginner through Intermediate) Where: Central Baptist Church, Clarke Hall
When: Thursdays from 4:30-6:30pm starting April 6th
– May 25th
Cost: Fee for Seniors: $35
Fee for Teens and Younger Adults: $50
Instructor: Peggy Burse, former Home Economics
Bring together the spirit of community and creativity
by learning to sew or developing your skills further.
This program is intended for anyone interested in having fun while learning new techniques – helping boost
your confidence in tackling projects on your own. All
equipment and tools are provided. Bring your own patterns and material to start or finish a project.

Crocheting Class
Who: All Adults
Where: Recreation Center
When: Tuesdays at 6:30-8:00pm from April 6th – May
Cost: Fee for Seniors: $35
Fee for Younger Adults: $50
Instructor: Lealah O’Neill
There’s been a resurgence of crocheting recently so
come on out to learn the basics at your own pace.
These and other crafts are not only productive, they
are proven to reduce stress and keep the hands nimble.
In this adults-only class, you’ll learn beginner-level
skills by the talented Lealah O’ Neill. She will help
you along on the project of your choosing so get on
Pinterest and scout out something that looks fun. All
supplies provided.


Senior Health Insurance Counseling
Who: All Adults
Where: Pemberton Apartments/Jamestown Housing
When: Fourth Tuesday of the month; April 25 and May
23: 11am – 2pm
Cost: No cost to participants
Need help navigating the complex waters of health
insurance and the bills? Get all of your Medicare or
Medicaid questions answered with a Medicare insurance expert. These one-on-one sessions are available
to understand the nuances of Medicare Part A, B, C
and D; Medicare Advantage, and several supplemental
plans that meet your health needs. Our counselors can
also help you better understand your medical bills.

Caregiver Support Group
Who: All Adults
Where: Central Baptist Church, Clarke Hall
When: First Thursday of the month, 9:45-11:15am
(April 6th and May 4th)
Cost: No cost to participants
Often times, we hear caregivers say they are looking for support from people who “really understand
because they’ve been there, too.” A caregiver takes on a
lot of stress and added responsibility. We are holding a

self-facilitated monthly support group for Jamestowners – a safe place for caregivers, family and friends of
persons with dementia, Parkinson’s, and other health
conditions limiting self-independence for loved ones
who need the extra help.


Guided Tour of New Bedford Whaling Museum
and Lunch at Tia Maria’s European Café
Who: Seniors
When: Tuesday, March 28th from 9:30am to 4:30pm
Cost: $20 includes museum pass and transportation
(lunch not included in fee)
Walking Level: Moderate
Join us for an afternoon filled with many mysteries.
Enjoy a customized guided 2-hour tour with a docent
and an exhibit curator to learn and explore the rich
history, art and culture of the whaling world through
exhibitions and an in-depth scrimshaw, paintings,
Yankee whaling implements, etc. Before the tour, we’ll
experience a local Azorean-inspired lunch at a family-run restaurant right next door to the museum.

Magical Mystery Tour
Who: Seniors
Where: Our secret, but you’ll LOVE it!
When: 11am – 5pm on Sunday, June 4th (Registration
and payment due by Friday, May 12th)
Cost: $30 per person
So some of you decided that it would be fun to get off
the island and go somewhere that is a mystery. Basically, we plan it and you trust us in climbing aboard our
van and heading off into a day trip of an unknown location for sightseeing, lunch and, likely, lots of laughter
– all for an affordable price. Are you game?!?!


Tips and Strategies About Elder Law
Who: All Adults
Where: Jamestown Library, Wright Museum Room
When: 10am – 11:30am on Tuesday, April 4th
Cost: There is no fee to participants
In this workshop, you will learn invaluable information on basic estate planning (wills/trusts), asset
protection, Medicaid eligibility, reverse mortgages VA
benefits, and much more in this information from an
experienced attorney from the RI Bar Association.

Overview of Rhode Island’s Affordable Housing
Initiatives for Seniors
Who: All Adults
Where: Senior Center
When: Talk starts at 11:30am, lunch served at Noon on
Thursday, April 6th
Cost: There is no fee to participants

Executive Director of the RI Housing Authority, Barbara Fields, will join us for lunch and for a forum afterwards to provide an overview of the latest initiatives
in the state’s efforts in expanding access to affordable
housing for seniors and building livable, sustainable
communities for the aging. Fields has deep expertise in
affordable housing finance and community real estate
development as well as a strong track record of developing successful collaborations among government,
private sector, nonprofit and community partners.
Within the past few years she served as HUD’s New
England Regional Administrator representing the HUD
Secretary as liaison to mayors, state and local officials,
members of Congress, private and non-profit developers, public housing authorities and the media.

Unveil the Hidden Benefits of Your Health Plan
Who: Seniors (for those with BlueCHip for Medicare or
another plan)
Where: Jamestown Library, Large Conference Room
When: 10am – 11:00am on Tuesday May 9th
Cost: There is no fee to participants
In this informative workshop, you will learn invaluable,
otherwise less promoted information about health
insurance benefits (including allowed home care (PT,
RN, etc.) reimbursements, prescription drugs, vision
components, health and wellness features, fitness
center membership discounts, etc. This is not a sales
promotion program, only an education session to
have you able to best use your benefits before the next
enrollment period in the fall.

To register, contact 423- 2761, e-mail evietri@jamestownri.net or go to the Jamestown Senior
Center, 6 West St. between 10am – 1pm weekdays.
Registration forms also can be downloaded at

Youth and Teen Programs Spring Schedule


Guitar and Drum Class
Who: Youth ages 8-12 years old
Where: Jamestown Teen Center
When: Saturdays; April 8th-May 20th (7 weeks)
Cost: $50 Resident, $60 Non-Resident
Beginner guitar, bass and drum class will offer instruction in a small setting to learn basic chords, strumming
patterns and playing techniques. Class will also provide opportunity for learning songs. All abilities and
types of string instruments are welcome! Students are
encouraged to bring their own instrument, but some
will be provided. Don’t miss a “beat” on this as class
size is very limited! Private classes are also offered, call
Deb for more information.

Karate w/Sensei Bobby Benner from Narragansett Bay Budokai
Who: First Class: Ages 3-5 years old, Second Class:
Ages 6-12 years old.
Where: Jamestown Recreation Center
When: Wednesdays; April 5th-May 24th
First Class: 3:30-4:00 pm (3-5 years old)
Second Class: 4:00-4:45 pm (6-12 years old)
Cost: $50 for Resident, $60 Non-Resident
Allow your child to grow physically and mentally by
practicing Karate. Karate offers many benefits such
as improved concentration, stress reduction, positive
mental focus, discipline as well as flexibility and balance. Children learn to respect themselves and others.

Gymnastics II w/Aim High Academy
Who: First Class: K-2nd grade, Second Class: 3rd-5th
Where: Jamestown Recreation Center
When: Thursdays; April 6th-May 25th
First Class: 4:30-5:15 (K-2nd grade)
Second Class: 5:15-6:00 (3rd-5th grade)
Cost: $100 Residents, $120 Non-Residents
Program offers 8 weeks of gymnastics at the Recreation Center. Practice floor routines, tumbling, low
beams, vault & more! Professionally trained staff from
Aim High Academy, work with each individual student
with the goal of getting better each week! Staff encourage each student to “Aim High” and have fun. Space is

Girls Youth Softball
Who: Ages 7-14 years
Where: Lawn Ave Fields
When: Practices &
Games, Weeknights and
some Saturdays starting
on April 29th-June 24th
Cost: $50 Residents &
$60 Non Residents
Swing into spring by
joining girls’ softball with
the Recreation Department! Youth will develop
skills weekly. During
team practices youth will
learn a stronger sense of
gameplay in areas such

as hitting, fielding, pitching and catching. Dust of your
mitts and cleats…its game time!

Youth Volleyball
Who: 5th-8th grade students
Where: Rec Center Gym
When: Mondays, starting April 3rd- May 22nd from
Cost: $40 for Residents and $50 for Non-Residents
Set, serve & game on! Back by popular demand-please
join us in learning basic volleyball skills such as passing, serving, digging and hitting. For those who have
already learned such skills in the previous volleyball
session, we will be adjusting the class to meet the
needs and appropriately challenge each youth! This
program is taught by Matt Ferreira, a two-time All-
American volleyball player at Rivier University and the
current assistant volleyball coach at Salve Regina in

Fun with Felt
Who: 5th-8th grade students
Where: Jamestown Teen Center
When: Mondays starting April 3rd-May 22nd from
Cost: Cost: $50 for Residents and $60 for Non-Residents Our beloved crochet instructor, Lealah O’Neill, is also
quite crafty in other areas and will now be teaching youth to create their own felt projects! If you are
someone who enjoys crafts-this class is for you! There

are so many patterns to choose from, from animals- to
monsters and more! Youth will be able to work on a
project over the course of the 8-week session and will
leave with their very own, finished product!

Youth Pickleball
Who: 5th-8th grade students
Where: Rec Center Gym
When: Wednesdays starting April 5th-May 24th from
Cost: $30 for Residents, $40 for Non-Residents
Pickleball is becoming more and more popular all
around the United States and we have it here at the
Recreation Center! Pickleball is a racquet sport that
combines elements of badminton, tennis and table
tennis. Pickleball has gained popularity amongst adults
in Jamestown and we are hoping to give youth the
opportunity to enjoy this exciting game as well. Youth
will learn the rules and skills and will be able to play
matches with their friends!

Culinary Kids Part 2
Who: 5th -8th grade students
Where: Jamestown Teen Center
When: Tuesdays starting April 4th-May 23rd from
Cost: $40 for Residents, $50 for Non-Residents
We had so much fun in our winter cooking class that
we are now offering a spring class! Our spring class
will focus on healthier meals, as well as some practice
learning how to cook with a grill. Youth are able to give
input into meals they would be interested in learning
how to make. Our culinary kids will help in cooking
all meals and are able to taste their delicious culinary

Youth Leadership Group
Who: 6th-10th grade students
Where: Jamestown Teen Center
When: Thursdays starting April 6th-May 25th from
Cost: $10 for Residents, $20 for Non-Residents
Come join us on Thursdays to become a more involved
Jamestown citizen. This advisory group will plan
community service projects, social events here at the
recreation center and will encourage leadership development. This group is offered to students in grades
6th-10th. This group also serves as a terrific resume
builder. The group will meet for an hour. Snacks provided.

Circuit Training for Youth
Who: Students in grades 5th-8th
Where: Jamestown Rec Center
When: Wednesdays starting April 5th-May 24th from
Cost: $30 for Residents, $40 for Non-Residents
During this program we will partake in circuit training exercises such as, relay races, jumping rope,
hop scotch, sprints, etc. Youth will have the circuit
explained to them in the beginning of the class and
instructors will demonstrate the proper exercise at
each station before beginning the circuit. Circuits will
last a half an hour. During the last half hour of each
class will play a sport/game such as; basketball, soccer,
volleyball and more!

Rabid Readers Book Club
Who: Students in grades 5th-8th
Where: Jamestown Teen Center
When: Thursdays starting April 6th-May 25th from
Cost: FREE! & includes the reading material
Join us in our first ever “rabid readers” book club! We
will meet each week to have lively discussions about
our age appropriate book! Light snacks will be provided

at each club meeting. Join us and become a part
of our fun, new reading club! Let the reading begin…

Parents Night Out
Who: Youth ages 6-10 years old
Where: Jamestown Recreation Center
When: Friday, April 7, April 21, May 5 and May 12
Cost: $10 per person, $20 per family
For youth ages 6-10 years old parents can drop
children off @ Recreation Center and enjoy a night to
them-selves! Go shop, dine hang with friends...whatever your heart desires. Staff will actively engage children
in games, activities, movies and even provide DINNER.
There is nothing like a safe, structured place for you
family to be while you go OUT to enjoy the night.

3rd Annual Dodgeball Tournament with Teen
Center and Jamestown Police Department
Who: Youth in grades 5th & up
Where: Lawn School Gym
When: Friday, April 14th 2017
Cost: $10 to play (includes a t-shirt) *Free to spectators
The Jamestown Teen Center and Jamestown Police
Department together will host the 3rd Annual Dodgeball Tournament. There will be food available at this
family-friendly event, as well as a raffle! Last year we
had over 150 people attend and we would love for you
to all join us again this year. Teams will be put together
prior to the tournament. Please call Molly Conlon,
at 423-7261, to sign up for a spot on a team by the
registration deadline: Monday, April 10th. Waivers are
required to play and are available at the Teen Center.
Hope you will join us!

Adult Programs Spring Schedule

Level II Dog Obedience
Who: Adults (18+)
Where: Jamestown Recreation Center
When: Thursdays starting April 6th-April 27th (4
week class)
Cost: Residents $85, Non-Residents $100 (Max Enrollment 10 people)
Using clickers and positive reinforcement, learn
how to train your dog to walk on a loose leash, come
when called, do sit, and down stays. A well-mannered dog is 4 weeks away. Our method is dog and
people friendly! Open to dogs of all ages. Vaccination certificates for rabies, parvo, distemper, etc.
must be presented at the first class. Please do not
bring your dog to the first class. Instructor: Diana
Caldarelli & Beth Mcguire have been teaching and
training dogs for over 19 years. They’re gentle approach

and love of both dogs and people is evident!

Adult Basketball
Who: Adults (30+)
When: Wednesdays; 7:30pm-9:00pm starting April
5th-May 24th
Where: @ Lawn Avenue Gym
Cost: Residents $30, Non-Residents $40
Sign up for some BALL! Held right in the gym at
Lawn Avenue school every Wednesday! Opportunity for some great exercise and pickup Basketball
games. All abilities welcome. Teams are formed
each night and games are informal.

Line Dancing with Nan Beaulieu
Who: Adults (18+)
When: Mondays 6:00-7:00pm, starting April 3rd-
May 22nd
Where: Recreation Center
Cost: Residents $40, Non Residents $50 (max enrollment 20 people)
Come on in and join the fun! Learn line dances to not
just your favorite country songs, but also Uptown
Funk by Bruno Marks and Emergency by Icona Pop.
It’s a work out for both your body and your mind
and a great way to meet new friends. No experience
needed, but a smile is!

Who: Adults (18+)
When: Tuesdays from 9-11am starting April 4th-
May 23rd and Fridays from 11am-1pm starting April
7th-May 26th
Where: Recreation Center
Cost: Residents $10, Non-Residents $20
Swing into it with Pickleball! It is a paddle sport
created for all ages and skill levels. The rules are
simple and the game is easy for beginners to learn,
and can develop into a quick, fast-paced, competitive
game for experienced players. All levels of play are


Adult Volleyball
Who: Adults (18+)
When: Mondays 7:30-9:00pm starting April 3rd-
May 22nd
Where: Recreation Center
Cost: Residents $20, Non-Residents $30
Serve it up! Come to the Recreation center and
bump, dig, volley and spike. All skill levels encouraged and games are informal.

Intro to Bike Maintenance
Who: Ages 10 and Up
When: Saturday May 20th, 10am-12:30pm
Where: Recreation Center
Cost: $25.00
We have partnered with Jamestown Outdoors bring
you this class. Designed to introduce you to bike assembly and maintenance, from handlebars & brakes
to pedals and tires, we got you covered!

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