2017-03-23 / Letters to the Editor

Backing sanctuary bill not in line with town’s goals

To the editor:

In the March 16 edition of The Jamestown Press, I read some clear and well-considered letters by Conrad Henselder and Thomas Bembenek. They prompted me to do a bit of research. On the town of Jamestown website, I find “goals” listed:

1. To promote quality of life in the community

2. Ensure effective and accountable town government

3. Ensure public health and safety

Does the sanctuary city resolution:

1. Focus on the community of Jamestown or go inappropriately beyond?

2. Promote any accountability or does it lessen accountability?

3. Promote public health and safety or does it open the door to illnesses not here now?

The bill does nothing but hurt the town’s stated goals. There continues to be great confusion with this issue. We should not even discuss the issue, no less pass laws, without defining “immigrant,” “illegal alien” and “refugee.” The intentional lumping of these together and many anachronistic errors are frustrating.

Back in the day, there were no entitlements. Don’t those who choose to lead us know that that fact matters?

Last thought: Do the town counselors lock their doors at home? If so, why?

Brian Gardner
Port Avenue

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