2017-03-23 / Letters to the Editor

Sanctuary resolution was one of tolerance, support

To the editor:

I am so sad to hear some of our fellow Jamestowners seem to misunderstand and oppose the resolution the town council passed March 6.

I do think there is some confusion about the meaning of an “ordinance” versus a “resolution” and even about the definition of “sanctuary” when applied to towns and cities. It is my understanding this resolution is merely a statement of values and a voice of support for House bill 5515 when it comes before the state legislature. I don’t believe it has any legal bearing on the way our law enforcement handles arrests and will not essentially change anything in our officers’ procedures.

It was no more than a statement of support for one bill versus another, and thus a clarification of the attitude our town takes in the larger argument on the treatment of immigrants.

The reason for my sadness is it seems that within that larger argument there are those whose hearts are filled with intolerance, bigotry and spite, and who wish to make a very different statement to our state legislators.

There is no question that, suddenly, there is a much larger national agenda brought down to a local level. I had hoped that, as we all enjoy and appreciate our beautiful, pastoral, comparatively crime-free and undeniably privileged island of Jamestown, that we as citizens had it in our hearts to make a statement of tolerance and inclusivity — the same essential values we celebrate every Thanksgiving.

That’s what we did March 6 and bravo to the town council for doing so. Let’s not go back on it.

Nonie Drexel
Blueberry Lane

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