2017-03-23 / Letters to the Editor

Use East Ferry money for waterfront, other projects

To the editor:

Let me be clear, I am against the proposed East Ferry “improvements.” I agree the lot is the central point of Jamestown; however, if it has such importance, how did it get in such bad shape? If the town can’t maintain it today, what makes them think they can maintain it after the renovations?

What happened to the days of cleaning what you have versus tossing it out and buying brand new?

How does the town suppose this new lot will positively impact the commercial businesses? In the months of construction, there will be additional congestion and limited parking available for many of the businesses in the area. This will deter vacationers and residents. When completed, the lot size will be the same as it is today. Is the town suggesting additional bike racks are sufficient for the $300,000 price tag?

I am suggesting the town consider using 25 percent of the available money to clean up what we have today in East Ferry, East Ferry Memorial Square and along the remaining shoreline to the north. Clean up the overgrown weeds embedded in the sidewalks, get the grass green again, put in a few benches and bike racks and call it a day.

Take another 25 percent of the money dedicated to waterfront reserve funding and spruce up a right of way made available to all citizens. Whether that’s a better boat ramp, additional racks for kayaks, seating; you name it.

The final 50 percent, keep it in reserves for continued maintenance for all public waterfront spaces, rights of way, etc., to prevent such deterioration from happening again.

Sean Stamouli
Schooner Avenue

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