2017-03-30 / Editorial

Paiva Weed will be hard act to follow

State Senate President Teresa Paiva Weed announced last week she will be stepping down in May to serve as president of the Hospital Association of Rhode Island.

We wish her well and thank her for her quartercentury of service to Jamestown.

She has been a supporter of myriad local efforts during that time, as well as serving as an excellent liaison to state departments and officials to help facilitate numerous projects in town. That aid often included her vast knowledge and expertise of the state and how its bureaucracy worked to help ensure those projects were successful and had a friendly ear in Providence.

Her supportive voice was a dependable beacon for the island and she never ceased to be accessible to her constituents.

She was the state’s first female senate president and she held that high-profile seat for eight years in the most dignified and responsible manner.

A Jamestowner has not claimed the area’s Senate seat in half a century and we urge qualified candidates to toss their hats into the ring for the upcoming special election. It will be an uphill slog as most of the district’s voters are in Newport, but the chance to fill such large shoes can’t be fulfilled without taking that first step.

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