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Voters elected five candidates to appear on the GOP ticket in next month’s election for town council, The Jamestown Press reported April 3, 2003.

There were 383 votes cast — roughly 10 percent — for six candidates during the Republican primary. Political newcomer Wendy Waller was the odd woman out, falling just one vote short of Sav Rebecchi, 211-210. Guy Settipane, the incumbent council president, received the most support with 240 votes. The other three Republican candidates who will appear on the ballot are Claire Ferguson, Vincent Moretti and Dan Capuano.

100 years ago — April 4, 1917 (Newport Daily News)

Facing no opponents, the Republican Party’s slate of candidates for town council and other local offices were elected.

The polling booths at town hall were almost empty all day as just 72 of about 350 eligible voters showed up to cast a ballot.

75 years ago — April 3, 1942 (Newport Mercury)

Republicans have remained in control of the town council, retaining four of five seats, but the Democrats made inroads into other offices in a fairly close election.

Despite the heated campaigns, only 690 of the eligible 1,200 voters went to the polls. Earl Clark was the lone Democrat to win his way onto the council, but his party mates, William Clarke and Violet Hayward, won the race for treasurer and auditor, respectively.

In the closest election of the day, Democrat George Carr defeated GOP candidate George Wright by seven votes, 327-320, for a seat on the ferry committee.

50 years ago — March 30, 1967 (Newport Daily News)

The town councilors were turned down by the Jamestown Water Co. after they offered $245,000 for the utility.

Paul Davenport, general manager of the water company, said the asking price is $375,000. Councilman Albert Lyons, however, said the engineering firm hired by the town appraised the utility at less than the town’s offer. Also, a new water tank was needed, according to the appraisers.

25 years ago — April 2, 1992 (The Jamestown Press)

On their way back from wintering in the Southeast, roughly 250 snow geese visited the island for the first time in decades.

According to Audubon Society member Candy Powell, the geese were spotted at the salt marsh near the Great Creek.

“This is first time we’ve recorded snow geese here,” she said.

The geese are heading north to their breeding grounds in the Arctic.

10 years ago — April 7, 2007 (The Jamestown Press)

A $50,000 grant is paving the way for teens to have a permanent headquarters at the recreation center on Conanicus Avenue.

The grant was secured from The Rhode Island Foundation. Plans for the teen center include a newsletter and website with detailed information about upcoming programs. The town hopes the promotions will increase attendance.

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