2017-04-13 / Letters to the Editor

Constant dollar budget increase not needed

To the editor:

When a politician is confronted with a question he doesn’t want to answer, the standard response is to change the subject; ask a different question; put the questioner on the defensive.

Last week, the Taxpayers Association of Jamestown requested the town council to seek an explanation for why the proposed 2017-18 town budget increase could not be limited to the increase in cost of living, and if a compelling justification exists for a constant dollar spending increase, why that increase cannot be paid for from the town’s unfunded surplus. The response from the town administrator, according to The Jamestown Press, was that taxpayers should have come forward earlier in the budget process.

It is my understanding the Taxpayers Association of Jamestown did just that.

Whether or not there was sufficient taxpayer participation in the eyes of the administrator, the question remains, why do we need a constant dollar budget increase, which will result in another property tax rate increase on top of tax increases resulting from the ever-increasing property valuations in Jamestown?

I think that is a fair question that deserves an answer.

Fritz Attaway
Decatur Avenue

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