2017-04-13 / Letters to the Editor

Use surplus to hold the line on tax rate

To the editor:

We have a great regard of Jamestown and our neighbors.

Our town administrator and council have become complacent with going through the motions of budget review and recommending increases beyond inflation.

Both the town and school department have surpluses that are budgeted to ensure ending the fiscal year with excesses.

Many of our townspeople are living on retirement income and just getting along trying to keep up with inflation. We do not have invested surpluses to add to each year and yet we are told that it may be too late to adjust the proposed budget. We have fiscal personnel who should be able to prepare a budget to break even rather than budget a surplus each year.

Please remember there are plans to spend money for the fire department, golf course, library and school department roofs from tax increases each year.

Please use our invested surpluses instead of disregarding the inflation benchmark.

Dante Tita
Columbia Lane

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