2017-04-20 / Letters to the Editor

Councilors’ priorities need to be refocused

To the editor:

I would like to address two pieces of business given to us by our town council this year to date.

The first is the resolution in support of a state bill that encumbers the cooperation between Rhode Island law enforcement and those of the federal government pertaining to the detainment of illegal aliens. The resolution contains an eloquently written sentence reminding us Jamestown welcomes and invites people of all races, ethnicities and religions to live and work here. The demographic profile of Jamestown is 95 percent white with a per capita income more than twice the national average. We are a sanctuary city for the white and privileged and can afford to support the bill as no detained illegal immigrant released by law enforcement will reside in our community.

Councilman Gene Mihaly states this resolution “is not a document that will change behavior.” If true, our council has delivered a document partly rooted in questionable reality and that might be viewed as a sermon preached from a pulpit of privilege, serving no constructive purpose, rather only professing the altruism of the preacher.

The second item is the ordinance banning target shooting. Councilwoman Mary Meagher finds “rules comforting” yet loudly supports a bill that places restraints on law enforcement agencies from enforcing them. It is a fact illegal aliens have willfully committed crimes against lawful US citizens. Our council recognizes no danger in supporting illegal non-citizens, yet they would strip the right, in the name of safety, from their own local legal citizens to pursue a pastime they have enjoyed for more than 100 years without incident.

It is my hope that following the next election, our current council will find their fear would have better served them being directed toward ballots rather than bullets.

Robin Lis
Clinton Avenue

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