2017-04-20 / Letters to the Editor

Target shooting decision has widened rift in town

To the editor:

I consider myself a sports enthusiast. These sports include soccer, basketball, baseball, snowboarding, and mountain biking.

I also am an avid hunter and shooter. I’ve sustained numerous injuries, which include multiple concussions, broken bones and torn muscles, tendons and ligaments. Not one of these injuries occurred from shooting. With every sport, there are risks. With most sports, you throw your body into harm’s way to compete. Shooting is different. We know and understand the risk, and practice safety to prevent accidents.

I grew up in this town, and I consider myself lucky that I can continue to live here. I love this community. I have witnessed firsthand the strength and power this community has when it bands together. It’s incredible. However, last Monday at the town council meeting, I saw something completely different.

Of course, I am disappointed with the result, but I am more disappointed in how the council not only mediated that meeting, but how they handled the entire situation. As Councilor Mike White stated, this was a neighbor dispute. When this dispute couldn’t be resolved, the council stepped in and included the entire community.

Councilor Blake Dickinson stated this issue has divided the community. I couldn’t agree more.

I agree target shooting should be regulated. It’s not the “Wild Wild West” as one person stated. Regulation should have been the overall goal of the council as they claimed. Instead, the divided council voted in favor for an all-out ban of any discharge of a firearm. It was a sad night for many. The poor handling of this situation caused a rift in this town and ruined relationships between neighbors.

It saddens me to say that a piece of Jamestown died at last week’s town council meeting.

Kyle Tiexiera
Mast Street

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