2017-04-20 / Letters to the Editor

Town council has acted beyond its authority

To the editor:

I find it alarming that in the past two months the Jamestown Town Council has rendered decisions that many residents may consider overreaches of their vested authority.

Both of these issues can be considered partisan in nature and impacting the rights of the voters. Issues that several others besides me believe would be deserving of a referendum vote.

There has been target shooting on private ranges established in Jamestown for decades without a single incident that would fall into a consideration of establishing a ban in the interest of public safety. One proponent of the ban actually brought .50 caliber tactical ammunition to the meeting for what I suspect to be of a sole purpose for instilling fear in the townspeople. That is the level of ridiculous extremity some people will use.

The town council of any town is the chosen voice of the community. Their personal beliefs and thoughts should be set aside in favor of existing pertinent factual information when rendering decisions that affect the people of the community. There is no pertinent factual information that supports a belief that target shooting presents an issue of concern for public safety. Hunting has had far more accidents nationwide than controlled target shooting yet there seems to be no call for such a ban.

Where was the concern for public safety and taxpayer burden when the council resolved to support sanctuary for unlawful residents in Rhode Island; the first partisan issue where a referendum vote would have been correct?

Thomas J. Bembenek
Green Lane

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