2017-05-04 / Letters to the Editor

Target shooting ban ends era of shared family times

To the editor:

“Behind the farmhouse, in the woods, my family and I love to go out on warm summer days to shoot at targets on our farm. Buried in a woodchip pile, various objects like cans, boxes and a flipping target sit. With a smile on our faces, we all love to shoot down range, having a good time.”

That is an excerpt from our 14-yearold son for a school paper. It embodies what our family shares. Three generations go target shooting with .22-caliber rifles together. Safety and responsibility are our first priority.

Needless to say, the decision of the town council took away something very special to our and many families on this island. With one, seemingly pre-orchestrated vote, our present and future was impacted by the votes of few instead of the voices of the many townspeople.

We as a family agree target shooting should be regulated but not banned. We need to be ruled by common sense and facts, not fear. It is our understanding a suggestion was made early on in the dispute to build a public target range on the island. This idea or others should have been proposed instead of an allout ban.

With so much talk of a new clubhouse at the golf course and parking area at East Ferry, money also could be made available to give our many townspeople an option for target shooting. Perhaps we need a referendum on this November’s ballot. Perhaps we as a community need to rise up and make sure our voices are heard in the next election.

Jessie Dutra

Weeden Lane

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