2017-05-11 / Editorial

Rec center a place of memories, joy

The Jamestown Recreation Center will celebrate its 75th anniversary Saturday so it’s appropriate to honor a place that has meant so much to so many past and current townspeople.

From its beginnings as a USO center for troops from forts Getty, Wetherill and Burnside, to its modern-day use as a hub of recreation for all ages, the building has been a quintessential part of the island’s fabric for several generations.

Especially in the era before the bridges were built, it was one of the few outlets for activities in Jamestown, serving as the recreational hotspot for people of all ages.

Its location near the ferry landing made it the perfect pit stop for kids after a day of school, providing parents with the comfort of knowing their children were not only being entertained, but also in a safe, inviting environment. Many youngsters spent their formative years there and have lasting memories from those times.

It also served as a spot for adult sports, as well as a meeting place. During the war years, and even thereafter, many couples met for the first time at the center.

While the building’s basic structure today is the same as it was when it housed the USO, its incarnations throughout the years have reflected our ever-changing island’s needs.

So, head on down Saturday and spend some time at the festivities, reminisce with some friends and bask in a place whose history is uniquely Jamestown.

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