2017-05-11 / Letters to the Editor

East Ferry parking lot only needs minor fixes

To the editor:

I will say it again — let’s repair the sidewalks, road surfaces, railing damage and keep the parking lot at East Ferry as is. It worked well for the last 60 years and it will last 60 more years.

Put some nice greens at the space where the Christmas tree is placed at Christmas time. Add a few shrubs, sidewalks, flowers and grass.

Let’s not have this extravagant parking lot design with 250 planters all over the lot. With bumpers in front of the parking spaces. All this for $300,000 or more. As I have said, this is not the Vanderbilt Estates or Breakers on Bellevue Avenue. I do not think the East Ferry parking lot as is has stopped people from coming to Jamestown as mentioned by some. Take some of that $300,000 and put it to repair the reservoir that is in need of a new “dike” as mentioned in The Jamestown Press’ April 27 edition.

People of Jamestown, think of what it will cost to maintain this extravagant idea to the Jamestown taxpayers year after year. It is going to take lots of water to keep these 250 planters, grass and flowers alive. And to (cart) in water from off island when the water ban takes effect the first of June each year.

Donald Richardson
Davis Street

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