2017-05-11 / Letters to the Editor

Reservoirs play key role in community

To the editor:

The South Pond reservoir adds to groundwater recharge in the Jamestown Shores area. The South Pond supports the agriculture in the mid-island that provides the spectacular views that define Jamestown. Our two reservoirs supply water essential to firefighting for the entire island. They provide essential wildlife habitat and recreation.

No one likes to think about future disasters that could harm the island’s groundwater system but the fact is if something bad happens, islanders will have a fall-back water supply in the reservoirs.

We also hear a lot about sea level rise these days. One of the likely effects of that would be saltwater intrusion into many household wells. Residences that now have wells might need to connect to town water in the future. The reservoirs make the whole island safer and its future more secure. Think of them as an insurance policy.

All island households share a responsibility for the bond to pay for necessary repairs to the reservoir. The pipes and meters in town are surely the responsibility of the water customers. But the reservoirs are really ponds. They are natural water bodies that have been harnessed. We must manage them for multiple current and future needs. We are all stakeholders.

Katherine Maxwell
Narragansett Avenue

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