2017-06-15 / News

Shredded paper banned from curbside recycling

To comply with new regulations, Island Rubbish is no longer accepting shredded paper in its recycling bins.

Owner Cheryl Page, who said the company’s always encouraged the practice, has since been cautioning customers about the new rule enacted three weeks ago.

According to the Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corp., shredded paper is banned from curbside recycling because of rising contamination levels. In a news release, the quasi-public agency said the double-bagging method has proven ineffective, causing an “overwhelming majority” to be processed improperly at its Johnson facility. The product loses its quality and value when loose shreds cover other recyclables during processing, which accounts for 450 tons daily.

Krystal Noiseux, who manages outreach for the corporation, said the two biggest contaminates, by far, are shredded paper and paper bags.

“For the safety of our workers, longevity of our equipment and quality of our recycling, our messaging going forward is clear and simple,” she said. “No shredded paper and no plastic bags.”

Rhode Islanders should instead deliver shreds to the self-serve disposal at Central Landfill. They also can compost the materials or throw them in the regular trash. Moreover, the corporation has scheduled four free shredding clinics from 8 a.m. to noon June 17, July 8, Sept. 6 and Nov. 4. Residents who want to shred sensitive personal documents can bring their paper to 2111 Plainfield Pike, Johnston.

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