2017-07-06 / News

Fiscal year brings $25 hike at transfer station

The price to use the transfer station on North Main Road went up $25 for fiscal year 2017-18, the councilors agreed at their June meeting. The town council heeded the recommendation of Town Engineer Mike Gray to raise the sticker cost from $125 to $150.

“Those who choose to go to the transfer station should pay to operate the transfer station,” he said, “and those who pay to have someone pick up their garbage curbside should pay for that. I don’t think it’s fair to have one subsidizing the other.”

According to Gray, the hike is necessary because of increased costs to truck the trailer to Central Landfill in Johnston. Also, customers are starting to pay debt service for the new trash compactor purchased in 2015.

In fiscal 2016, Gray reported, revenue from 1,024 stickers generated $128,000, while the cost to operate the station was $133,866. The following year, revenue from 924 stickers generated $116,000 while operating costs inflated to $141,517.

The transfer station has been operating with two trash compactors that were purchased in the late 1990s. One of the compactors was replaced two years ago for $93,285. The proposed budget request in fiscal 2018 from Gray’s department included costs for replacing the second compactor, but the line item was cut during the final budget preparation to the council.

“This compactor has been taken out of service until repairs can be made to the body,” Gray said. “There are holes in the bottom of the trailer causing trash to fall out during transport.”

— Tim Riel

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