2017-07-13 / Upcoming Events

Concerts scheduled Tuesdays all summer at Sweet Berry Farm

Dip seasoned with roasted corn and pickles, barbecue pulled pork, Carolina slaw and pecan pie is a far cry from strawberries and Christmas trees, which is all Sweet Berry Farm boasted when it was founded 37 years ago.

That expanded menu with pork and pecans was served two days ago during the opening night of the farm’s summer concert series. Every Tuesday through August, Sweet Berry is offering eclectic three-course meals to accompany live music. The farm is sprawled across 100 acres on Mitchell’s Lane in Middletown.

Among the bands are The New 40, the Elderly Brothers, 6 Diggin, Jesse Liam, The Villanaires and Louis Vaughn. Meals range from General Tso’s chicken to saffron poached salmon, with desserts that include baklava, tiramisu and Mexicali chocolate mousse.

Admission to the concerts is free, although dinner by chef Scott Amaral costs $20. Picnic tables are reserved for ticket holders, which can be booked by calling 847-3912. The concerts start at 5:30 p.m. Full menus are available online at Sweet Berry Farm’s website.

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