2017-07-27 / Letters to the Editor

Famous residents deserve their privacy

To the editor:

I was dismayed to see the blurb in the Lighthouse Keeper column regarding some of our more “well-known” neighbors.

I would like to hazard a guess that most of us who were not born here, moved to Jamestown, at least in part, due to the island’s uniquely anachronistic spirit. In this current selfie-obsessed, fame-trolling culture, can we all just agree to leave these people alone?

They are coming here for the same reasons we are here. The stunning natural beauty, the friendly people, the independent spirit and to experience one of the remaining towns where neighbors stop each other in the streets and the shop owners know how you take your coffee and kids (and the occasional dog or guinea fowl) are free range.

Our fellow islanders don’t need their names splashed in the paper or attention drawn to them here. They probably get that everywhere else they go. I’d like to think we’re better than that.

Elizabeth Collins
Narragansett Avenue

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