2017-08-10 / News

Fire department seeks volunteer EMTs

Because three workers are needed on duty 24/7/365, the fire department is looking to keep the “volunteer river flowing” for emergency medical services, said Ron Barber, captain of that division.

That’s why he’s scheduled a course to transform residents into life-savers. Starting in late September, classes are scheduled from 6-10 p.m. Mondays and Wednesdays with a few scattered Saturday meetings through mid-December. The course allows students to become nationally certified emergency medical technicians. Although the cost is $1,000, students who earn their license and volunteer for one year will be reimbursed.

“Some people do this to meet people and help the community,” Barber said. “Others do it as a stepping stone to a career. We have a very diverse group.”

To learn more, e-mail Barber at rbarber@jamestownfd.com.

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