2017-08-17 / Letters to the Editor

Fire volunteers asked to pay bridge toll

To the editor:

Now, here’s an unimaginable story, but evidently not fake news.

A few nights ago, around 2 a.m., two Jamestown fire trucks were called to assist the Newport fire department with a house fire. Sirens blaring, lights blazing, they headed for Newport, and, after a couple of hours, had successfully put out the fire. Understandably exhausted, they turned around and headed home to Jamestown. When they’d traversed the bridge, they were stopped and told they could not go through the tolls without payment. After nearly 20 minutes of “discussion,” someone “in authority” finally let them through.

To me, it’s inconceivable and, frankly, unconscionable, that payment was demanded of fire department volunteers after they had put their lives on the line to assist another town in the middle of the night. None of our emergency vehicles or volunteers should be subjected to this lack of respect.

I would ask the town council investigate and resolve this matter.

Carol Crafts
North Main Road

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