2017-08-24 / Letters to the Editor

Drivers must mind others on the road

To the editor:

I wish to support the letter last week regarding the attitude and danger of drivers vs. bike riders, scooter riders and walkers.

Sadly, it seems even our island is exposed to the massive anger people are displaying the last decade online and in person.

It also appears anything smaller than a car or truck has no rights on the road or they are not aware of said transportation laws, i.e. stopping at stop signs, being passed over double yellow lines and around a curve, passing when another vehicle is coming toward you so the biker or walker must find a place to get off the road to avoid a collision.

I walk and ride a scooter as often as possible. Last week, I watched a female in her 20s or 30s in a green Jeep roll right through the stop sign at Narragansett Avenue without ever looking left when she turned right. I followed her up Walcott only to see she also was driving about 40-plus mph in a 25-mph zone.

Countless times while riding my scooter into town, I am going 30 mph on East Shore Road and am passed over the double yellow line. Going north on East Shore Road on foot is frightening. Last week, I was walking north on the right side of the road to stay in shade and cars and trucks go blowing by very closely. On the return going south, I watched a car pass a truck over a double-yellow line keeping the truck from moving over to avoid hitting me.

Pem Attaway
Decatur Avenue

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