2017-09-21 / Editorial

Artistic wave washes over Lawn School


Editor’s note: Eva Junge is a seventh grade student at Lawn School. About once a month, she will offer her take on some aspect of life at the school.

O ne year ago, a new group of sixth-grade students started their second year at Lawn School.

Fresh-faced with happy smiles, they brought joy into a wing of the school that had been studentless for more than two months. Little did the students know, their joy not only would show abstractly but also physically.

As of only a few months ago, a new garden and mural decorate the sixth-grade hallway, created by these very students. Muralist Alexandra Kent supervised the painting, and the Jamestown schools’ Parent Teacher Organization paid for the project.

The 2016-17 sixth-grade students were inspired to paint this mural due to the gloomy feeling of the plantless zen garden in the beginning of the school year. After the zen garden was updated with new plants and a beautiful design, their science teacher, Charlene Tuttle — whose class came up with the idea — revisited it and inspired the students to write a proposal they sent to the school’s principal.

The proposal focused on the connection between the artistic aspect and the educational aspect of the mural. The design, Hokusai’s Great Wave, found inspiration in the year’s spring Asian studies curriculum, thus enhancing the kids’ educational experience.

Tuttle talked to the school’s head of grounds to get the mural approved, and the proposal passed for one wall of the zen garden area. The students also wrote a request for a grant from the PTO, which it granted.

Once the school approved the mural, the school’s art teacher, Stephanie Pamula, provided time from her class for a few students at a time to paint. Kent drew out the design on the wall, and the students started painting under her supervision. The painting of the mural happened during the month of June; toward the end of the month, the students had the opportunity to thank Kent for her help at the yearly awards ceremony.

A couple months after the finishing of the mural, a new grade enters the hallway. They look around at a bright mural and a beautiful zen garden, hinting at what they will learn throughout the year, and are excited and ready to start learning.

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