2017-09-21 / Letters to the Editor

Roads are for drivers as well as for bikers

To the editor:

I just read the letter from a frustrated bike rider regarding the bad experience he had while riding his bike here in Jamestown. What happened to him was deplorable and should not happen to anyone. The drivers were wrong.

Maybe the drivers have experienced what has happened to me this summer. I was traveling south on North Road and came upon three male riders in all their gear going up the hill by the windmill. They were riding three abreast and I had to wait until I got to the top of the hill to pass them. I went around the three riders, looked over and glared at them. The outside rider gave me the salute and angrily said something nasty.

The other experience I had was at the junction of North Road and Narragansett Avenue at the light. A rider coming south on North Road, passed the cars stopped at the light and went through the intersection without slowing down or stopping. A driver was starting to go west on Narragansett Avenue and almost hit the rider. The bike rider then yelled at the driver to watch where the driver was going.

My understanding is that if an accident happens, since the driver has insurance and the riders have no insurance, the fault is on the driver only.

The roads here are for all and all rules should be observed by both drivers and riders.

Let’s work together and look out for each other.

Bob Trout
Lawn Avenue

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