2017-09-28 / News

Coyote season opens Sunday

In an attempt to inject the fear of humans back into coyotes, town authorities are training with new weapons, tracking the packs and setting booby traps.

This weekend, however, news gets worse for the complacent canine.

Hunting season for coyotes opens at sunrise Sunday on state land. Hunters must wear 200 square inches of fluorescent orange and have a valid turkey hunting permit. There is no bag limit for coyotes.

While hunting coyotes on state land is legal through February, there is no closed season on private property. Hunters also are allowed to bait coyotes with carcasses on private land.

Raccoon hunting runs concurrent with the fall coyote season, but the season for small game doesn’t open until Oct. 21, including pheasants, cottontail rabbits, gray squirrels, bobwhite quails and foxes, both gray and red.

According to the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, hunting contributes more than $18 million annually to the state’s economy. There are approximately 17,000 licensed hunters and more than 40,000 Rhode Islanders who have completed a safety course.

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